Malcolm Turnbull join the Commonwealth Clean Oceans Alliance and protect our oceans

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I don't believe the next generation should be left to deal with the unnecessary plastic filling up our oceans, polluting marine environments around the world.

The UK and Vanuatu, have come together asking fellow Commonwealth states to fight against plastic pollution and join the Commonwealth Clean Oceans Alliance. To date New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Ghana have joined. I'm calling on Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia, to join the Commonwealth Clean Oceans Alliance when he meets with other Heads of Government in London at the end of this week.

Now is the time for Australia to step up to be part of a broader approach to providing solutions. Our oceans connects all of us and its protection requires a global effort of a global scale. Plastic pollution impact is felt everywhere, especially the livelihoods and health of the world’s poorest people. 

Commonwealth Oceans Alliance is focused on:

  • Improving waste management and implement other initiatives to reduce plastic 
  • Aid countries lacking funds and resources for effective waste collection and stop plastic waste from entering our oceans 
  • Tackling the problem of pollution and environmental degradation generated by manufacturing processes

The alliance is pledged to ban microbeads in personal care products and cut plastic bag use by 2021, working with NGOs and businesses from across the Commonwealth to push for change and protect the environment for future generations.