End the Abuse and Suffering of Campbell Irwin

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In July 2016, my husband Campbell Irwin "Cam" an Australian citizen, flew from Dubai to Adelaide, Australia on a 4-day visit.

Late evening on 25th July 2016 his return flight EK441 bound for Dubai "subsequently developed technical problems" and did not depart. It had been intentionally stayed by Australian authorities in order for paperwork to be rushed through the next day to the AFP without an Affidavit using “special state related powers”.

When boarding the next night, he was pulled out of the security line and detained. Cam has been falsely imprisoned in Australia ever since, now for 11 months.  As a non-resident of Australia he has no access to any Government support, Legal aid, Medical, Housing or Centrelink with less resources than a Manus Island refugee.  Only a suitcase with 4 days of clothes.   He's now sleeping in a garage on the concrete floor in winter after weeks sleeping on the streets.

In April 2017 after coughing up blood, a 3-5cm shadow was found in his lung. That remains unresolved and if it is a malignancy, delays in further testing could prevent curative treatment and all the parties have been made aware of this since April.

Cam is being treated like an animal and it is a form of torture. Days are spent searching for food handouts and trying to keep warm, a repetitive and soulless existence. This disgusting treatment demonstrates the ruthless acts that people who are liable are prepared to inflict upon a helpless citizen. They will stop at nothing to protect their personal and business interests when they have made "mistakes" and don't want to face the consequences.  

This perversion of justice is for political, legal and familial expediency and also to cover up the maladministration of justice in one of the primary divisions of the South Australian sovereignty.  It's a grotesque political horror story with a depth of wickedness that you would only expect to see in a Hollywood Reality Thriller.  Sadly it's very, very real and happening in South Australia.

Cam hasn't committed any crime or been charged with any offense, but he is not allowed to leave Australia and return to his country of residence, UAE. He's an innocent party who has been made a Scapegoat for the "mistakes" of others, including his brother and any party who condones, enables or supports this atrocity should be held to account.  Some individuals appear to be above the law as the law is certainly not being applied equally.

Cam cannot apply to the Court as there is no access to money for fees or for a lawyer and no access to Legal Aid, not being a resident of Australia.  His absolute civil right to defend himself, and the right to a fair trial, has been denied to him and in a very real sense he's been stripped of his rights of Australian citizenship. Citizenship is a cornerstone of democracy and yet this awful situation exposes what can happen to an individual’s rights when they conflict with strategic needs. This ongoing and intentionally inflicted distress is to "coerce" him to perjure himself on a document that will absolve others of their malfeasance and assist others in defrauding Cam of his legal and rightful entitlements.

If he signs he can leave, if not he remains homeless and in limbo.

Cam's plight reveals the ruthless use of organs-of-State in South Australia, to achieve nefarious ends, and demonstrates the Government's complicity in this outrage. This sanctioned abuse is to cover up the "mistakes" of friends of the Government and earlier "favors" bestowed and Cam is simply collateral damage.

This unconscionable conduct by a number of parties is to suit personal agendas and Cam is expendable.

In a further act of abject cruelty, our beloved pets are stranded in Dubai, innocent victims of this treachery.  Cam's company in UAE (in partnership with me) has recently ceased through non attendance, and the rug has literally been pulled out from under our lives. 

Worse, because Cam hasn't been allowed to return to Dubai for 11 months, we're now listed as absconding there, which is a serious matter. The Australian Government has made both of us criminals in another country in order to help out other more "important" people and this gross injustice in a first world democracy occurs when "friends" of the State and Federal Government are heavily invested in the outcome.

I urge the media to not fail in it's duty to fulfill its roll as the watchdog of democracy and all evidence is available on request.    Please refer to the Letter to Malcolm Turnbull, (the link is below) for the background.

Please help end Cam's suffering and demand the intervention by the Prime Minister in this disgraceful travesty of justice by signing this petition.

Thank you.