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Brandis must GO!

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Senator George Brandis QC, is the Australian Attorney General. As the first legal officer of the nation, it is beyond question that he MUST abide by the law.

In a ludicrously small matter, Senator Brandis has demonstrated complete and utter contempt of the law, acting as if he is permitted to pick and choose which laws and which court decisions he shall abide by.

In 2014, the Shadow Attorney General made a Freedom of Information request for content of the diary of Senator Brandis in response to the 2014 Budget decision to cut funding from community legal centres. The office of Senator Brandis refused to even process the request and determine whether the request may be complied with or not. A subsequent justification that there were security concerns to justify that refusal to process the request, was simply ludicrous. In contrast, other Members and Senators such as the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop and former Prime Minister Julia Gillard have had no such concerns, making diary entries available over time.

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal found there was no justifiable reason for that refusal by Senator Brandis. The Attorney General then appealed that decision to the Full Court of the Federal Court, who found against Senator Brandis, directing him in September 2016 to have the application processed as well as awarding all costs against Senator Brandis.

It is now March 2017. Senator Brandis is still yet to provide a response to the request.

The Australian Attorney General CANNOT hold himself above the law.

The Australian Attorney General CANNOT simply not bother to abide by the findings of the Full Court of the Federal Court.

Prime Minister - the behaviour of Senator Brandis has amply demonstrated that he is completely lacking in the integrity to hold any elected office, let alone that of Attorney General. As such we request the following immediate actions:

1. Senator George Brandis QC must be IMMEDIATELY removed from all positions of parliamentary office but most importantly, from that of the office of Attorney General.

2. Senator George Brandis QC must be required to PERSONALLY and IMMEDIATELY pay all costs as awarded against him by the Federal Court rather than have the taxpayer foot the bill, as this entire matter is entirely beyond any reasonable act of office by any Member or Senator. Any payments already made on the Senator's behalf by the Commonwealth in this matter must be IMMEDIATELY repaid by Senator Brandis.


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