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Ban Greyhound Racing In Australia

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I strongly believe that greyhound racing is a cruel and inhumane sport that should be banned and made illegal nation-wide. This sport encourages people to use their money to support a sport that results on in the deaths of up to 17,000 healthy dogs a year. The industry admitts that they kill up to 7,000 greyhound puppies before they even have the chance to race on the track. As well the deaths of a number of piglets, possums, rabbits and kittens that fall victim to this horrific exercise. Another major reason why greyhound racing should totally banned Australia-wide is because of the dreadful and horrid way that these poor animals are subjected to. Racing greyhounds are deprived of some of the essential things that they need to survive and be healthy. Not only are these dogs subjected to horrific circumstances they are also put at serious risk of sustaining major injuries. Although illegal, many of these animals have been drugged to perform better during races but which can result in a range awful things, side affects and possibly death.

If you agree with my petition please sign and help to stop greyhound racing in Australia.

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