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Animal Cruelty Should Be Banned

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Humans are animals, and we should treat other animals the same way. All animals have lives, and they have their own brains. They can think. They have emotions. Even if these innocent animals do not say they are being tortured, it doesn't mean that we can torture them. Humans have made many successes, but it doesn't mean if you did something good, something bad has to happen. It is cruel. These cruel people are giving the good people a bad reputation, although these bad people are only a minute percentage of people. I believe that we should get rid of the tiny amount of people, and treat these innocent animals better. We do not want to be abused, so we should not abuse other animals. Do you want to see animals being tortured and covered with blood? I believe not. Us humans are the most intelligent and smart animals created in mother nature, and we should appreciate this not by torturing other living organisms, but helping them and making their lives better. Animals do not know how to talk, so us passionate people should speak out for them. Please sign this petition to make a change.

By signing this petition, you will gain those innocent animals that are being treated awfully better, happier and longer lives.

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