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Allow all 457 visa holders to continue with the original terms & abilities of their visa

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Recently, on 18th April 2017. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton MP announced sudden changes to the 457 Visa (Temporary Work (Skilled) visa) which ultimately would affect up-to 95,360 (*1) people who were currently using the visa in Australia.

These changes came originally with the statement from Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, that current visa holders would be "grandfathered from the changes" (*2) preventing the 457 upheaval affecting current holders who have invested in this greatly. However, from minor reports surfacing, this now seemingly has changed overnight to 457 visa holders may stay for their visa term, but not continue to have access to existing employer sponsored pathways to permanent residence after March 2018, when the visa restructure is said to be complete.

The number of 95,360 people who are currently using the visa in Australia doesn't begin to indicate the sheer impact of the changes should the "grandfathering" statement not be honoured. Not only partners, friends and family would have a part of their life dismantled, but businesses lose out too, with claims already surfacing that businesses would be hit financially, some of which the impact would be very hard.

As a current 457 visa holder, and someone who is an integral part of the company where I work and manage, generating and increasing profits and ultimately tax, creating and growing lasting business relationships and offering the business (Restaurant) assurance of a dependable individual in such a dynamic role, where they have failed many times to secure and which they have invested in securing; and which Mr Dutton himself had visited. 

There are many more with a similar story who know that many localised impacts will leave one very large one. Both on the people around them in Australia and ultimately on the pieces left from such a collapse in what for many was "their plan for the future".

To both Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton, Please allow the continuation of access to existing employer sponsored pathways to permanent residency for the 457 visa holders, to negate any financial and further damaging impact to both businesses and livelihoods as many have invested greatly to remain contributing members of this wonderful society. 




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