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On May 31st 2018 the world of my small family was dealt a devastating blow. My wife, Wiki (40), and mother to our three children, Molly Rose (17), Ihaia (13) and Patrick (10) was diagnosed with Stage Four Breast Cancer.  Eventually she will require Ibrance-Palbociblib, a CDK4/6 inhibitor that stops the growth of cancer for a period of time. However Ibrance is not subsidized by Pharmac and therefore the monthly cost of the drug is a minimum $5800.

Sadly Wiki is one of several hundred New Zealander's in this financially crippling situation and we need the company Pfzier to sit down with Pharmac and agree upon a reasonable price for a drug that will prolong the life of my wife and the many others others afflicted by this dreadful disease.

This petition implores Pfizer to negotiate with Pharmac to reach a deal whereby the drug is provided at a reasonable cost for all patients with Metastatic ER Positive Breast Cancer. 

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