We oppose the abolition of death sentence

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On 14th Oct 2018 the cabinet of Malaysia agreed to abolish death sentence, which means even the criminals awaiting to be sentences now are spared. The cabinet did this without the rakyat's(Malaysians) consent and they did not even bother to ask our opinion, or allowed 30 millions of us to vote yes or no for this important decision. We are a democratic country and we believe the government should heed the people's suggestion who elected them, and not by acting in such crude manners.  It would be absurd if a serial-killer were to purge a village, a town, or even a family and was still given a chance to live in prison which all his accomodations are paid by our tax. Remember the Mongolian lady Atlantluya? YB Ean Yong Hian Wah's political aide and journalist Mr Teo Beng Hock? Raped and murdered by a Dato's son Ms Zhu Yu Yue? These murderers have not been served justice! Furthermore there is no guarantee if such psychotic act by these scums would be repeated again. We urge the government to put themselves in our shoes and AMEND THIS ACT. The UN, Amnesty International, or any so-called 'humanitarian' group should not interfere Malaysian's decision as it would be a type 'Neocolonialism' which was a favourite word of our PM Tun Dr Mahathir. Dato Liew Vui Keong should also resign from his position as legal advisor of PM if he insists on acting so selfishly.