Malaysians Do Not Support Killing Dogs/Cats for "Makanan" (Consumption)

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With regards to the recent viral videos of some foreign workers, allegedly from Kuantan mercilessly killing a dog and then cooked it for food. 


Following the video, the company concerned had posted an apology on behalf of it's foreign workers and that it would conduct an internal investigation into the matter.


However, it is sadly to know that our current Animal Welfare Act 2015 (Act 772, 30(2)a) do not prohibit killing of animals including dogs/cats for the purpose of human consumption, according to a private message replied by the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS). 


Animal lovers across the nation are outraged and urging the government of Malaysia, Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry amending the existing law, making it an offence to consume animals commonly accepted as pets in Malaysian household particularly dogs and cats. 

Very Important Pet Magazine would like to gather signatures through this petition campaign and then submit a memorandum to the ministry conveying voices of the public. 

Help us to make this happen! Malaysia shouldn't be a country that allows consumption of dogs/cats. 


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