Remove Restriction on First Class Honour for PTPTN Waiver

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After the announcement of Budget 2019 by the Malaysian government, students are sadden by the fact that PTPTN waiver will only be eligible for  students that come from B40 families.

There are a lot of people who agree to the policy and bash the students who are against this for being ungrateful and stated that we borrowed the money therefore we should definitely pay back

Firstly, I want everybody to know I agree on we borrow the loan, we should pay back, but the problem here is people strive hard for First Class honours just because they want to turn their loan into scholarship with their effort in studies.

Second of all, it should be noted that the education cost in Malaysia is high even for M40 students. With the loan from PTPTN, it is able to ease our burdens to certain degree.

Before the announcement of budget 2019, we were informed that you can apply for full waive of your PTPTN loan if you work hard to get First Class Honours. Without this potential incentives, most of us won't even apply for PTPTN in the first place.

Some people may said we bear for the decision that we made but well, isn’t that more rewarding if the government put on initiatives to encourage the graduates work hard for getting First Class honours instead only student who come from B40 family get the rebate or exemptions.

Everyone deserves a chance for the exemption no matter they come from B40,M40,T20. After all, they deserve this after 3-5 years of hardwork.

For those people who keep blaming the students, try to understand the situation and our concern before you speak.

This petition aims to let everyone knows our condition and wish the government can revise the policy again. Thank you.