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  1. To create awareness among all Malaysians not to involved in MOH ACADEMY.
  2. Do not join the company as business partners.
  3. Do not transfer even one cent to any of them in the business or group.
  4. To stop the business of MOH ACADEMY as per their claim.
  5. To gather all victims of MOH ACADEMY multi level marketing.
  6. To stop all ambassadors or entrepreneurs in MOH ACADEMY actively looking for the next victim and scamming people.
  7. To stop them from forcing people paying for tuition fees or making any payments to whoever in MOH ACADEMY as e digital marketing or e learning plan. 
  8. To stop anyone involved in MOH ACADEMY, interested in their vacancy job as full timer or part timer or freelance DIGITAL MARKETING paid in USD.
  9. To stop and avoid anyone meet any of members in MOH ACADEMY.
  10. Return back all money if the victims who paid for MOH ACADEMY.
  11. To shut down the website www.mohacademy.com