Justice for Muhammad Adib, brave fireman who is in now critical condition

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Muhammad Adib, 24 years old firefighter, a brave soul who risk his life in daily basis to help others people without asking for any returns. He help all people no matter what is their ethnicity, status, rich or poor, good or bad. He is honest man like by all his friends, family, colleagues and he is due to get married very soon.

Everyday he goes to work, risking his life to help others. To him, doesn't matter what happen, we need to help people and helping others is giving him satisfaction.

On 26th November, early morning, he and his teams got a emergency call to put out fire cause by protester at Old Seafield Maha Mariamman Temple. He and his teams bravely went to the scene to help put out the fire even they know the risk. That day, changed his life forever. Protester blocked their roads, hurled rocks and attacked their vehicles, refusing to give them access to put out the fire. During that chaotic scene, protester manage to grab him out of the vehicle. They hit him, stomped him, without mercy. There are hundreds of protesters attacking him alone. 

Now, he is in critical condition, lying in hospital bed fighting for his life.

To all people, no matter who are you, your race, your religion this should not happen. Please pray for Muhammad Adib.

This barbaric act need to be brought to Justice. There are no excuse for this.