Revise no smoking laws and guidelines for ‘non air-conditioned’ eateries in Malaysia

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Despite the proven and well publicised health dangers of smoking, the non-smoking laws in Malaysia has not gone far enough to protect its citizens. 

As it stands there are only laws and guidelines (*Control of Tobacco Product Regulations of 2004) for smoking in ‘air-conditioned’ eating premises (which need to have a designated smoking zone, separated from no-smoking areas by a partition with proper mechanical ventilation) yet NO similar rules & guidelines for ‘non air-conditioned’ restaurants or other eateries.

In reality we all have witnessed and have experience for ourself many incidents when non smokers which include children (infants!) and the elderlies have had to suffer second hand smoke in non air-conditioned eateries (‘Mamak’, ‘Nasi Campur’ restaurant etc) because of this loophole in the system and also due to the lack of sensibility and accountability amongst smokers, although there have been no shortage of awareness campaign done by the various authories and NGOs. A continuation of such unhealthy practice is totally unacceptable.

Please help me in signing this petition to ask our law makers do what is right and in the interest of public health by introducing related laws and guidelines to all ‘non air-conditioned’ restaurants and eateries. Let’s make Malaysia a healthier place.