Making sure that François Legault keeps his promise to reform our electoral system.

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As promised by Justin Trudeau at the federal level in 2015, who has not followed through, François Legault promised to change the voting system during his term, if his party was elected, for the one adopted by Germany. He is proposing a mixed-proportional voting system that better reflects citizen choice by giving importance to each of our votes, while respecting regional differences. On May 9, 2018, he signed an agreement with the Parti Québécois, Québec Solidaire and the Québec Green Party to reform the voting system.

It is about time that democracy in Québec is more representative of the will of all its citizens. The first-past-the-post mode that we currently have is a big shortcoming and sometimes pushes us to vote strategically and not for the party we really want to vote for. Besides, this organization (Chaque voix compte) has already initiated the movement and I will invite you to support them as well.

We must keep the pressure on to ensure his promise is honoured. Let’s remind François Legault he must take action during his term! This could serve as an example to the rest of Canada how important is the role of its citizens to make sure we have a healthy democracy.

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