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Make The Wave safer

Sunday evening I was for a walk on the Halifax waterfront with my wife and 2 children, age 3 and 10. As we got close to the “wave” my 3 year old kicked off his shoes, and ran for it, thinking it was a slide, he wanted to go on it with the other 25 or so trying to climb up it as well. He ran, zig zaging to the top, he even avoided the people falling back down it.
In horror my wife and I, and many other adults watches as my 10 year old tried to catch him, but slid back down. As my 3 year old reached the top, he thought the other side was a slide as well, and fell to the ground below.
At the IWK were we were most of the night we were told that this happens every few months, usually from a tourist who would not think a city would have something dangerous in the heart of the waterfront. Now don't get me wrong, I am grateful that the ground around the sculpture is now playground rubber, if not for that he would have been much worse. But how can that thing not have a rail or something at the top to stop people from falling over the other side. I am not saying put a fence around it all, but come on, what are they waiting for? the first child to die?
My three year old will be fine, scrapes, cuts and bruises, and a limp for a bit, but, wow, it is a tragedy waiting to happen.
Would you see a playground with a place to climb up on one side, and a drop on the other?
Of course not, the top needs a rail, of something on the other side to slide down.

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