Bring back Dr. Doug Harris to Redwood Middle School!

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Redwood Middle School has long been renowned for its superior music program, and that has been accredited to the teachers that have led it. Over the past year, many students at Redwood Middle School have felt the influence of Dr. Doug Harris (Dr. Harris), who only joined Redwood’s faculty this year. While being both hilarious and entertaining, Dr. Harris was able to provide us insight on what music really was, and what it could be. After Mr. Jow and Mr. Gould left last year, many students felt both discouraged and uneager to continue in the band program. However, Dr. Harris, with the help of Mr. Ramirez, has filled their spots with ease, and once again withheld Redwood’s reputation as a top music program in the country. He taught us to bring the ink blots on the pages to life, adding emotions and stories behind every note. Anyone in his classes can tell you that Dr. Harris is both charismatic and knowledgeable, able to turn any dull theory topic, into both a vivid and intriguing lesson. Despite his clear excellence and capability, the school board has decided that Dr. Harris would not be rejoining Redwood’s faculty next year. For this reason, we feel that it is our responsibility to ensure that “our doctor” is able to continue his legacy here at Redwood, instilling a love for music that will last a lifetime.

Sign this petition, and give us the support we need to convince the school board to reconsider its decision. Otherwise Redwood will lose a once in a lifetime teacher, and suffer a blow to its illustrious music program. Help us create a better Redwood, one step at a time!