Time to demand honesty in the media

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So since the newspaper in Logan Utah decided to include my petition in their story it's now time to change the focus. The original reason for this petition is just one of many examples in our nation that the news media outlets have flooded the airwaves with "FALSE" "UNTRUE" "UNVERIFIED" and just plain ol' simple "FAKE NEWS!"

Our country's current president (please let's keep the focus on the petition here) has also called for a stop to this as well. Now I feel it is time that we as a people use our voices to do the same. Whether you're a Republican, Democrat, on the fence or even have no party affiliation I know we all can come together and agree on this one thing. 

While we do live in a nation that has freedom of speech, I feel like it's time to step up and hold the media accountable. Today with our modern technology it is too easy for our media to run stories based off of internet traffic. 

Too many times these stories have resulted in lives being threatened. I personally believe that we live in a nation where while we do have the freedom of speech it is NEVER OK to threaten a life. Agree, disagree, like, hate, right, wrong, and yes I am even going to add a bit of humor root for one team while someone else roots for the other. The news media is what helps form the public's opinion on the news, and if they aren't being honest then innocent lives just make end up being taken. 

We need to step up as a nation and demand that the media returns to the same steps before the internet was invented. They need to call and verify facts, if they are going to report a story in another town then they need to send a reporter to that town, or even state.... It's time to demand that honesty is returned to our media. 

It's sad that when it comes to our news media we are starting to have to have the same mindset as we do with the internet. Which is "you can't believe everything you read on the internet."

So please take a moment, take a stand.... It's time that our nation demands that our news media is honest in their news reporting. It's time that our news media stops destroying lives by running "false, untrue, unverified, and let's face it FAKE NEWS" The only way this is going to happen is if we the public take a stand and start demanding. 

It's time that our nation's news media is made honest again!!!


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