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Petitioning Chairman of the Board Steve W. Hudson and 6 others

Make the Humane Society of Broward County(FL) a NO KILL shelter.

The Humane society of Broward County located in South Florida is a private non profit shelter...What many people do not know is that they are NOT a No Kill shelter and have some of the highest kill rates in the country. That is why it is hard to understand their policy of not working with the many rescues in the area. We of course believe that many lives would be saved if they agreed to allow rescues to have access to animals that are being killed.

Letter to
Chairman of the Board Steve W. Hudson
Chairman of the Board Peggy Marker
President & CEO Christopher Agostino
and 4 others
Mayor Sue Gunzburger
Florida State House
Florida State Senate
Florida Governor
The public is asking that you listen to them and their concerns about your shelter being a kill shelter.

So many animals are losing their lives when you have other resources such as rescue groups that you can work with to continue finding these animals forever homes. This shelter has overpopulation but that is no excuse for not working with other organizations that will take these animals rather than this facility euthanizing them.

Please change your procedure and become a truly HUMANE Society.

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