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Bring back the $2 chicken and cheese at macca's

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For so long, starving Aussies could get a mad feed at Macca's with the $2 Chicken and Cheese. When McDonald's released their loose change menu, they increased the price of the chicken and cheese to $3. This is just outrageous; this has crippled the middle-class. A meal of a chicken and cheese with small fries and a Frozen Coke used to cost $5 but now, because of these drastic prices increases the meal now costs $6. This increase of one dollar has led to the decimation of the working class as they cannot feed their child a cheap, healthy and affordable meal. Some people live off these meals and for them, instead of it costing $1,280 a year per person and $5,120 for a family; it will now cost $1,536 per person and $6,144 for a family yearly. When welfare benefits are only $13,026, this has massive implications on the person's lively hood as this small increase has consubstantial implications on the average Australian.

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