Make swimming in Wimbledon Park Lake a reality

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Wimbledon Park is a beautiful but arguably under utilised local resource.  By January 2022 London Borough of Merton must carry out essential improvement works to Wimbledon Park Lake. With a little extra thought, planning and attention why can't these improvement works include planning and preparation to make the Lake ready and safe for swimming?  In days gone by the lake was frequented by swimmers.  Local schools in Merton and Wandsworth boroughs do not have enough accessible public swimming facilities. There is also a forecast rise in those age brackets most likely to use the park for swimming (GLA figures forecast a rise in young and older demographics).   These are the people and the future community who will most benefit from making swimming in the Lake a reality.  Help us make it happen for them and for the greater well being of all those who live in or visit the area by taking 30 seconds to sign this petition. 10,000 votes here and London Borough of Merton needs to put together a considered response.  You can learn more about why the timing is so good for this at swimwimbledon and maybe you can make contact with us to help.  Final request: do if possible agree to share your email address and details through the platform.  We promise not to ever share your information or send unnecessary emails but we should like to provide periodic updates on our progress to making this happen.  Very many thanks for listening!