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Make Karting Great Again- Vote no confidence for current KA Board

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 We are wanting to replace the Board of Karting Australia. 

As Karters, we want our State Bodies to represent us and put forward a "Vote of no confidence" on our behalf.

We have seen too many people leave the sport, we want our entry numbers back, we want our club days to be great again, we want to get rid of the corruption that plagues the sport currently. It has a real stinking culture, people are not happy and more great people just keep leaving the sport.

Our volunteers are being banned, it's not run like a real company should be. The powers that run it are so focused on taking money and banning people who dare to speak up. Any other board would be sacked based on the decline in entries. They are not performing. Having the attitude "If you can't afford it, don't do it" has to go.

More importantly we want grass roots karting to be a focus, we want people that understand the sport to run it.

We want to be able to employ an interim board of passionate people who understand the sport. People who can connect with the karters and work towards more entry numbers. People who can attract karters on a budget, who understand what makes club days great.

We want a new CEO, someone who understands the complex nature of Karting. Someone who has lived and breathed it. There is no shortage of people with these qualifications.

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