Decision Maker Response

Devendra Fadnavis’s response

Oct 11, 2017 — Dear family,

Today, I have launched my verified Decision Maker profile on Now on, I will be officially engaging and responding to petitions from you.

I am told that my verified Decision Maker profile on will put me in a league of very big people. It is not just about entering a league, it is about making the right decision. It is a big responsibility to respond to the needs of the people. From the Government's side we have always been proactive and responsive because we believe as a Government we need to not just be responsible but also responsive. For any petition that comes on that is related to the Government of Maharashtra we will always be on the side of the people. We will be proactive and take decisions as early as possible.

The first petition I received from Subarna Ghosh is on increasing transparency on Caesarean deliveries in Maharashtra.

We will set up a joint committee to create Standard Operating Procedures. The committee will consider what is required to be done - whether it is an SOP or change in law at the earliest.

I would like you to remain updated about the work done by the Government of Maharashtra.
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Thank you,

Devendra Fadnavis
Chief Minister of Maharashtra