make ATV's road legal in Australia

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How is a track racing sportbike that can reach speeds of over 300km/h allowed on the road but a ATV isnt ATV's all come with dirtbike engine and have no where near the power and speed of most street bikes ATV's are another form of transportation if there seen as too dangerous then there should be a seperate licensing system if you want to operate and ATV on public roadsthere are millions of atv riders that have to worry about getting court riding in public areas or on roads were as if they could be registered there more likley to follow the road rules to get to an offroad destination and as seen in other countries such as the UK and most states in the USA where you can road register a rear wheel straight axle chain driven atv on public roads and seeing the amount of fun all of these atv riders on youtube have it will make motorcycling in public areas twice as fun