Make Ascend Amphitheater concert organizers abide by their legal agreements.

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I have lived in East Nashville since 2015, before Ascend Amphitheater opened. My wife has owned a house in East Nashville since 2003, before the gentrification even began. East Nashville has been a residential area since the 1800s, over a hundred years before Bridgestone, Nissan Stadium and Ascend Amphitheater were even conceived.

Since that opening of Ascend in July 2015, where we live every few weeks of the concert season there is a event where the noise pollution from Ascend Amphitheater gets out of control. On the night I wrote this petition Beck is playing, and inside our house in Historic Edgefield, with all the windows closed, the noise from the concert is louder than the TV would normally be.

For years now people have complained, and every time their complaints reach a certain level, they claim to send someone out and test it, and that it is within reasonable limits.

In 2016 an agreement was reached that "sound checks should not start before 3 p.m., concerts should not begin before 9 a.m. or go past 11 p.m. (certain delays may be permitted but cannot play past midnight), and the decibel level should not exceed 102 at the sound mixer and 98 at the furthest property line of the park."

For the record common examples of 100db are a jackhammer you are standing next, that is how loud the agreement says the concert should be at perimeter line of the Ascend property. This is clearly not the case, and nothing will change unless we take action.

We need to insist that at the start of each concert (not at the sound test), that a measure is taken of the volume at both the sound board and the perimeter of the amphitheater, and that if it exceeds the agreed upon levels, the sound its turned own until it does.

This is an issue that affects all us in East Nashville and in the area surrounding the amphitheater, particularly closer areas like Edgefield and Cayce Homes. It disturbs our sleep, prevents us from sitting outside in summer, and keeps our children awake on school nights.

No-one is asking for concerts at Ascend or anywhere in Nashville to be stopped. What we are asking for is the the Amphitheater, which was only built in 2015 close to pre-existing historic residential areas that are over 100 years old, abide by the legal agreements they entered into with the city of Nashville.

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