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Make a difference from your Laptop or Cell phone!!

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Hello Volunteers!

Get Out The Box, inc. is a brand new nonprofit organization that is dedicated to educating and mentoring at-risk youth in low-income communities. For more info on our organization please visit:

Our Organization is looking for people who want to make a difference in the lives of youth across the world!

Here is what you can do for our organization and for youth in the comfort of your own home, at your cellphone, or even in your car or desk!

Spread the word about us on Help us reach 1,000 supporters by inviting your friends to join our community!

 Create a Facebook group page for Get Out The Box and invite your friends! We want to have a Get Out The Box Group in every state! When you are finished email the link to Here is our logo:

Take a picture and represent your state or country! We are looking to receive photos from the 50 states and overseas countries. The purpose of this is to expose the youth across the world to new places and to create buzz for our youth organization! You just have to hold a sign that says "Get out The Box" You can take a photo with you cell or camera and email the pic to! We will post your photo on our website! Check out the links to see the photos we have received thus far!

Get Out The Box Kenya:

Get Out The Box Texas:

Get Out The Box Viginia:

Join our Cause on Facebook and invite friends! We have 257 supporters thus far! Help us reach 1,000 supporters:

Subscribe to our youtube channel: and invite your friends to subscribe!

Facebook, follow, and retweet our TV show @

Follow us on twitter and list us!

Join our Social Networking site:

Join Our Blog @

Send us grant opportunities!

Create a myspace page and invite friends to join! Send us the login information to

Help us get sponsors!

You got nothing to do this weekend and need a day project? Here are some involved projects that you can do for our organization!

Do a video! We are looking for a 3-5 minute video that will help youth across the world Get Out The Box! You can do a music video, you can interview people in your community about why it is important to get out the box, you can get people on camera saying "Get Out The Box" You can do a video on your state, you can do a video on how you live out the box! Have fun and be creative! We ask that you plug our website at the beginning of your video and at the end, Encourage people to join our organization on facebook and include our website in the description. You can upload your video to vimeo or youtube and email the link to For more info check this out:

Help us revamp our website! If you are gifted with html and flash please email me @

Create a new logo for us using photoshop!

Hold a sneaker drive for our partner in Kenya!


Hold a Coin drive in your community! Please email us for information!

Hold an online fundraising event for our organization!

Email Corporate sponsors about organization! visit: for the letter to send!

create a "GET OUT THE BOX VIRTUAL VOLUNTEER" Facebook group page. A page where college students can join, answer questions from students, and post tips on writing a great paper, math short cuts etc. If you are not well versed in Facebook we ask if we can put your email in our virtual volunteer database so that youth can access you when they have questions.

We have supporters, and Groups all over the country and growing everyday! How can you help us? You can get your friends to join our South Jersey Facebook group page @!/group.php?gid=322604129637 This can be a meeting point where we can get the youth involved in our projects/programs and also inform our supporters of fundraising events. We are also looking for people to help us raise funds through creative ways! We are in the middle of a recession and we need people who are creative and innovative in helping us raise funds! If you could help us organize a fundraising event that would be great! We could also use your help in finding grant and sponsorship opportunities for our programs!


Help us help at-risk youth across the world! We look forward to your help in any compacity!

Let's Get Out Our Youth Out The Box!

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