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Make a difference at Earth Day Citizens' Climate Congress in Washington DC on April 22, 2010

On Earth Day 2010, environmentally concerned groups and individuals from around the world will assemble at 1:00pm in front of the White House in Washington DC to demand immediate action from US leaders to deal with climate change. Our number one demand will be for President Obama to take immediate steps to ensure that misinformed Americans become informed about climate change and the importance of acting now in order to preserve a livable climate for us and generations to come.

This is a collaborative, bottom-up and top-down initiative, with participation encouraged by everyone sharing the concern that our leaders are not acting quickly enough to stave off the serious consequences of human-caused climate change.

Please help to spread the word. We would like this idea to go viral and become a concerted action.

More details will be forthcoming as more groups get onboard.

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