CORONORVIRUS VS MENTAl HEALTH. What is prioritized and what's not.

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You clicked into this because you saw the mask right? Worried about you or your loved ones getting coronorvirus. You would have scrolled past this if it was something you viewed as less important. 

Is you or your loved ones suffering because of the mental health system not important enough to care? To make a change?

If so then the next part will only take five minutes of your attention and if you read to the end you'll understand why.

Ps. That was me today in hospital worrying was I going to die from coronorvirus? And yes they told me I was fine and I was discharged with a different diagnosis but you know what I've cried over it. I've cried because I don't want to die. I don't want to die because you're government can't give enough of a damn to care until the damage is unavoidable. I deserve to live my life. At at 16 I deserved to live my life too and not be lost in a sea of depression and sickness because the government could avoid it. It was only one life? What did it matter. I felt they sent me over there to get rid of the problem. Get rid of me. And nobody cares enough at the time to fight for me. Nobody. I won my own freedom. I fought the HSE and I won myself. I was the one who survived. Who was powerful enough to stay true to myself. 

 It would seem the situation will never change. Only a few days ago a young person told me they were trying to send her over. And there was nothing I could do only wonder would she ever return.

You go there. Your the lucky one if you can stay strong in a system wearing and tearing you down so much that you succumb to despondency and worthlessness.It was five years ago when I asked Leo Vadalker our minister of health at the time to build a secure adolescent psychiatric unit in Ireland so we stopped letting our youth down.

Five years on and the government and the HSE have let everyone down. 

It's sad to know that this crisis/issue only needs to change after its changed you. 



A month before I jumped in front of the train and tried to take my life.

(Hey I'm katie.  For my 22nd birthday I'm trying to persuade the HSE to build a bespoke secure psychiatric unit in Ireland for children and adolescents with mental health difficulties, autism and challenging behaviour. We don't have a secure hospital in Ireland.  I spent most my teenage years in a child and adolescent psychiatric hospital before I was sedated on a military helicopter and transferred to a secure psychiatric unit in the UK against my will.  I spent 22 months here.  I can't even get across to you how traumatising and horrific this experience was.  I had no say.  I couldn't come back.  It was bullied over other and I still couldn't come home. I was subjected to improper restraint. Sedation. Seclusion. Padded cells.  And 20 minutes a day to make a call to by family back home.  I barely left the ward. Each day I prayed to come home.  Each day that seemed more impossible. I got more depressed.  More suicidal.  And I thought I'd never get out.  It was like prison. I wrote to the minister of health at the time.  I was wrote about it newspapers.  I begged for a change.  So many Adolescents are sent there against their will and will continue to be sent there against their will out of the eye of public if we don't make a change. A judge once said in a court case with all the money the HSE spent fighting to keep me their they could have built a hospital here. I still have nightmares of being trapped back there. Early intervention is key.  But sending kids to another country because our country refuses to build a hospital and take responsibility?  Imagine that was your kid and you couldn't stop them being taken from you and sent there? Well by signing this we have a chance. I wouldn't wish what I went through on my worst enemy.) January 2019