Make 2K Great Again

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We the community of NBA2K are tired of the predatory practices and malicious intent behind a game most of us have grown to love over the years. This has been allowed for far too long and we as a community are fed up. We will accept nothing short of the resignation and replacement of Ronnie2K. He does nothing but line his pockets with OUR money while completely alienating the community who got him in his position of power in the first place. The game was always meant to be a fun, entertaining basketball simulation that has become nothing but a pay to win cash grab. The entire game used to be based off of skill and prowess and now is soley based off of how much money you are willing to drop on in game purchases namely VC. Virtual Currency? More like VERSITLE CORRUPTION. Ronnie2k has been given infinite chances to do the right thing and actually listen to those who made him rich and every single time our words have fallen on deaf ears. The time for change is now and this is how we do it. If WE want our game back we have to make our voices heard like never before. Let's not continue being part of the problem instead let's be the solution. Ronnie2K, your days are numbered bud. Step down from your position at 2K or face the backlash of a full boycott of 2K19 and 2K as a whole.

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