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Remove Woodbine Avenue Bike Lanes

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We have new bike lanes on Woodbine Avenue now going north bound and south bound.

Traffic has increased since they've opened. We see many cars diverting to residential side streets in order to find quicker routes. These routes are travelled by children walking to school and the increased traffic will make it less safe for them to walk home. It is now quicker to walk to and from Woodbine station to the beaches during rush hour.

The idling cars in traffic result in exhaust being expelled right in front of residential houses on a daily basis.

There are not very many cyclists that use Woodbine as a commute route. The hills from the bottom are massive and even the most in shape person would end up a sweaty mess by the time they got to work. Mostly we see the odd person pushing their bike up the hill. As for biking downhill you need your bike brakes on the entire time to ride at a safe speed and this isn't a comfortable way to bike for most people.

The placement of the parking on the east side is dangerous. People have to exit their cars into car traffic or the bike lane.

Residents on Woodbine can no longer stop right in front of their homes. The need to carry their personal items across the street and/or obtain a special permit for deliveries or moving in and out of their homes.

Buses that run along Woodbine need to stop and drop off and pick up passengers. This delays the flow of traffic for all as there is no longer a right lane. The same difficulty remains with garbage and recycling pick up in that it slows traffic to a standstill.
We should investigate an alternate residential route for the lanes.

We are also concerned that the single lane will make it difficult for emergency vehicles such as fire and ambulance service will be impacted by being unable to quickly make it through this major route. 

Residents would prefer increased bike traffic versus increase car traffic on their residential streets.
Let's put the second lane back and get traffic moving again.

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