Stop Culling, Let's Get TNRM Implemented and an Animal Sanctuary Established in Taiping

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During the rabies outbreak in Taiping early this year, a huge number of stray animals were killed. As of 11 February 2019, 677 dogs and 8 cats on record were culled in the affected areas. Furthermore, it's not known how many more were unaccounted for before the outbreak of the disease manifested since the culling of strays has been going on for years. As animal lovers and advocates of animal rights, we do not agree with the act of culling, especially healthy docile stray animals that did no harm but exist as one of God’s beautiful creation. Furthermore, they didn’t choose the life of a stray, but were either dumped by humans to begin with, that led to newborns being added to the population, this after being thrown away.

There are always better and more effective solutions to solving the stray problem in a more humane, non cruel and non-lethal way. TAG would like to offer that alternative by carrying out TNRM (Trap, Neuter, Release/Rehome and Manage) policy, to not just control the stray animal population, but in hopes, make Taiping a safer environment for both people and animals.

Recently also, cruelty cases of defenseless abandoned puppies and kittens have been on the rise here in Taiping. Seven puppies abandoned, followed by 10 more barely a week old. And now a poor helpless kitten too. Although TAG is a newly born organisation and without a shelter, our more active members can't just ignore the plight of these poor, helpless little bundles of fur. Foster parents endure sleepless nights trying to provide their infant foster cases with all the care, comfort and compassion to keep them alive and growing. Sadly, we lost the little kitten. 

Most people of Taiping today are still unaware of the existence of animal welfare societies and shelters which operate to save, protect, rescue, rehabilitate, adopt out stray animals, and educate on the importance of these tasks. As a result, this lack of knowledge and understanding regarding the respect for, treatment of, and proper care of animals also persists as an issue. We suspect the cause to be an absence of such a shelter to begin with, hence our organization believes we can help solve these issues and want to be the first recognized shelter in Taiping to do so. Only with your help by signing this petition, maybe the state government will agree to our appeal for an animal sanctuary and kick off our TNRM policy in Taiping. To those who are signing, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and thank you for being a guardian to the stray furs. 

TAG-Taiping Animal Guardians
(Persatuan Pelindung Haiwan Terbiar Taiping, 太平守护流浪动物组织, தைப்பிங் விலங்குகள் காப்பு அறவாரியம)