Ban on Slaughterhouses, poultry, dairy industries and fishery products all over India and on import of these products.

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How are their legal slaughter houses in India? Is this civilization? How is animals are eaten as food still? They have to die for our food.

No human can take life of animals and birds. Its murder its a crime. Stop destroying the families of Animals and birds

They feel pain like us.

Dairy cows are mistreated, tortured, impregnated without their consent, continuous hormones are injected which are harmful to them, they have infections and diseases all being untreated, they are overcrowded, unhygienic conditions, they can't stand and walk, they are malnutritioned and exhausted, milk udders with 10 times capacity they can hold naturally, milk taken with the hard machines which is a very painful process, their babies are separated; male babies treated very badly, killed  inhumanly, sent to slaughterhouses. Female babies spent their lives as dairy cows. After they are unable to bear babies and produce milk they are sent to slaughter houses. Stop this forced torturous labor.

Stop slaughtering cows, buffaloes, pigs, goats, lambs, chickens, hens for food, skin and other products.They skinned alive for leather. Brutally killed for food.

Stop killing aquatic animals for food and other products. 

These animals are caged in very small cages. Have their conditions same as that of dairy cows.

Hens spent their whole lives in very small cages, Forcefully have to lay eggs, unhygienic conditions.

Chickens male babies are crushed or thrown in polythene bags and suffocated to die. Genetically modified chickens are produced which is not good for them,beaks cut off wings removed. they are suffocated, exhausted, lives in unhygienic conditions.

Stop this torture and forceful labor in pitiful conditions.

Stop killing innocent lives, let them live peacefully, let the newborns live. 

Animal products are not good for human. They cause cancer, heart diseases, lung diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis and many other diseases.

Make law and pass bill now to stop this barbaric thing.

If u are supporting it and calling it legal, u are murderers.

If slaughtering, killing, forceful labor, exploiting and molesting human is a crime then why is this valid?

Make hard laws to punish the offenders.

They all have life like us. They are equal. Their lives is no less.

We the undersigned ask you to

 Ban on Slaughterhouses, poultry, dairy industries and fishery products all over India and on import of these products.

Grow more and more trees to feed the population, stop depleting our environment by causing pollution caused due to animal farming and slaughtering  and killing animals and birds.