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It's ashame to know that there is ongoing mass destruction of rainforests and wildlife sanctuaries in Sri Lanka. Wilpattu National Park and Sinharaja Rainforest are on the verge or being wiped out forever. The affects it has to our environment and surroundings need little explanation as anyone who knows the basic needs of life knows how important plantation and wildlife are to sustain life.

This needs to be stopped through voice of all citizens of Sri Lanka and nature lovers worldwid, who are, forever in debt to nature for every second we live and breathe. The blind eye turned towards this by the Sri Lankan Government needs to be voiced swiftly act upon to bring a STOP to this destruction through political corruption which in turn is destroying our country's beauty, children's future and some percentage of the worlds environmental changes.

So please, help to keep aside religion, race, political views and let us unite as one to stop this cruel act, stop the corruption and look into this as human beings who owe the nature gratitude for keeping us alive.