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Would you love to have more convenient places to grab your beloved coffee when you're out and about?

Main Roads in WA currently have a "blanket ban" on all mobile vendors parking alongside any main road, including areas that have been designed to safely provide for vehicles entering, stopping and exiting such as car parks and rest stops.

We as a collective of mobile coffee vendors are feeling the affects of this ban in multiple ways but mainly the lack of income due to the absence of areas permitted for vending, forcing most of us to have second jobs to support our families which then takes us away from quality time with them.

So we need this ban lifted to open up more employment opportunities for our small businesses, especially given the recent rise in mobile vendors and the high associated business costs. 

Despite a year of solid lobbying to the State Government in 2017, Main Roads have voted down a lift on the blanket ban policy, sighting reasons like lack of ablutions, rubbish removal and road safety. We feel this is unfair, as small business operators we are extremely conscious of our customers' well being which would include only vending at locations designed for the purpose of traffic entering and exiting safely. Rubbish removal is always considered the operators responsibility and the lack of ablutions should not be an issue given that mobile vending services are offered as a take away service only, and under the Food Act are not required to do so. 

Councils and Main Roads operate as separate identities. Councils will take our money to register our businesses but can't overturn the trading ban imposed by Main Roads, leaving very limited trading options available. 


                                               To Main Roads, WA

I call on you to lift the "blanket ban" on roadside mobile vending.

The ban in unfair due to the reasons you have stipulated i.e. rubbish removal, lack of ablutions and road safety.

  • Mobile vendors are only requesting to vend at locations designated for safe traffic flow
  • Lack of ablutions should not be made a point due to it being a take away service
  • Rubbish removal is and always has been the operators responsibility

Main Roads website promotes their support of local businesses and enterprise and the lifesaving qualities of coffee breaks when travelling. 

The ban however contradicts this statement!