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Stop and reject the rezoning application at 10412 Lakeshore RD (Klehkoot Marina)

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Reject the rezoning application at 10412 Lakeshore RD ( Klehkoot Marina)
Marina intends to more than double the amount of boat slips in an already over congested area of Sproat lake. The Marina has already encroached neighbors on one side as well as public access on another. Now with nowhere left to go they want to extend 100 +/- ft. straight out for no other reason than for financial greed.
An aerial view of this bay would show how all docks are uniform to the next including other marinas and group sites in the area. This is an unwritten rule at the lake that only locals appreciated and respect. What gives this marina the right to extend their dock for profit, simple because there is no written law saying they can't. We have to stop this before it gets out of hand.
If this dock where extended and the amount of boat slips more than double, it would bring many negative effects with it. First, safety is compromised due too is the fact that many paddle boarders, kayakers, dragon boats etc use the dock line for safety to stay clear of passing motors boats. With this dock expansion they would be forced to paddle out, almost to the middle of the bay to get around the one dock that sticks out farther than anyone else's. This is a safety and navigation concern. Secondly is the fact that with almost 200 boats unregulated, unsupervised and with no facilities (no running water, no bathrooms, no garbage pickup and no sani dump) comes major pollution of both the lake and the quality of life. There are boats parked already with flushable toilets that are dumping grey and black water into our lake. There are people starting generators at 6 am running all hrs of the day. There are people setting up table and chairs on the docks claiming it as their own property. With no rules or supervision This is only going to get worse. People are taking advantage of this marina and using it for their own personal playground, loud music and generators all hrs of the night are a regular occurrence coming from boats.
If there is people for expanding and exploiting beautiful Sproat lake that is great. Let's go out Taylor arm or 2 rivers where there is plenty of space to develop and expand, not an already populated space of the lake.

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