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Demand Councils stop using Round Up & Glyphosate on gardens & residential nature strips!

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Our children, pets and ourselves play in the local playgrounds, residential nature strips and community garden and park spaces on a daily basis. They are playing in gardens that are routinely sprayed with Round Up containing harmful glyphosate made by Monsanto. Round Up is banned across Europe and many other countries as it has been deemed a cancer causing product. We are calling for the Sunshine Coast and other Australian Councils to QUIT using Round Up.

Other concerns over glyphosate and one of the other so-called “inert” ingredients in Roundup include:

  • Harmful to gut bacteria, which is so important for human health.
  • Long-term exposure to glyphosate via residue on foods can cause chronic inflammation.
  • May actually enhance the effect of other toxic chemicals in your system.
  • Can interfere with nutritional uptake.
  • Implicated in kidney disease and non-hodgkins lymphoma
  • Linked to autism and Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

We'd like the Sunshine Coast and other councils across Australia to use steam, vinegar & epson salt mix or pine oil alternatives to eradicate weeds. 

Other councils in Australia have been petitioned for the same concerns. New South Wales insurance body State Cover warned local councils to investigate other options to control weeds.

"It is recommended that councils take a cautious approach and investigate their use of glyphosate and other hazardous chemicals used for weed control," State Cover told local NSW councils in a fact sheet.

Public safety lawyer Dimi Ioannou from Maurice Blackburn said council workers could potentially sue their employers in the future if they developed a significant injury as a result of handling the product.

"In the past we have ignored signs where products have been a dangerous good, such as asbestos, and years later thousands of victims have potentially made a claim for their pain and suffering," Ms Ioannou said.

Yarra City Council in Melbourne is one of several councils around the country to trial alternative methods of killing weeds. Councillor Roberto Colanzi said using steam has proved to be more effective than herbicides.

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