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No bus for Mark

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Mark is a 5 year old kindergartner at Fulmer Road School in Mahopac New York. 

My grandson Mark was faced with a huge tragedy last year. Mark's mommy passed away. Mark has been living with me since then. During such tragic events it's important to keep things familiar to children. In doing so I'm been fortunate enough to have my step-daughter care for Mark, and his 2 year old brother while I work. This past September Mark started kindergarten. Sticking with routines I continued to count on my step-daughter to care for the boys. However since there is no bus I have to leave work, and pick up Mark from school at 12:30pm. Currently Mark is only able to attend a half day of school.

Donna at Mahopac School Transportation informed me that Mark cannot be picked up from my step-daughter Kathleen's house, because she is not one of their recognized sitters. How, on a single income am I suppose to afford a licensed sitter and provide for two young boys? In addition, licensed day cares do not open until six o'clock in the morning. Well, I have to drop Mark and his brother off by 5:15am in order to arrive on-time for work.

I receive absolutely zero in government assistance because I have a job, and very minimal in child support depending on the week. 

Trying to combat the issue of the school refusing to provide transportation for Mark; in August I was finally contacted by the superintendent. The superintendent proclaimed that the assistant superintendent would handle the matter and get back to me in several days.

Fast forward two weeks I contacted the head of transportation. This time it was the Principle of Fulmer Road School who would make a decision regarding Mark's transportation. Several days of playing telephone later I was finally able to speak to the Principle. Who then told me that in a meeting regarding Mark they decided I should speak to the Superintendent of schools. The Superintendent then told me that there are over FIFTY, yes 5-0, 50 families who are in a similar situation. The best suggestion I received was to find my own transportation for Mark. The Superintendent also said that all of the buses are restricted to their assign route, and there is no bus available to pick up Mark. That's fine, however ALL of the buses which go to Mark's school drive directly past my step-daughter's house... Before and after school.

Frustrated with the whole situation I wrote a letter to the school board members, and the superintendent on September 23, 2016.

This is what I wrote:

Dear Board Members:                                                                                                           I am asking for your help in getting my grandson Mark transportation to school so I can work. I was told the New York state law was that children could only be picked up at a licensed daycare. That is not true, it's up to the School District whether or not a stop can be made.                                                                                     Bus 350 drops off at Mahopac HS and MS then proceeds to start Fulmer Road School run. The driver actually passes my step-daughter's house and sits at K-Mart for 8-10 minutes. Dismissal the driver of bus 350 has to pass by her house again to return to the bus yard.                                                                                                             In reality bus 350 could pick up, and return Mark to his babysitter that he has been with for his entire life.


                                                                             Mark's Grandmother


Thank you for reading this in it's entirety. Please sign the petition to help Mark get a bus so he can enjoy an entire day of kindergarten, instead of the half day he currently attends. 


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