Test on prisoners instead of animals!!!

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My group and i at College would like to stop animal testing, its 2019 now, the modern world, animals do not deserve to be locked up and have products smeared all over them. Animals have done nothing wrong, innocent creatures that should be loving pets or wild and free. 

The products being tested on animals aren't even animal based! dogs don't wear lipstick. Why does a monkey need to be covered in shampoo?

This is why it would make more sense to test on serious criminals in prison - the worst offenders out there, the killers, the rapists and paedophiles. Sadistic people such as Myra Hindly and Ian Brady, two people who showed no remorse in their doings. Committing these vile acts and still living the rest of their lives with a touch of freedom that they shouldn’t have deserved. Recently in the news I have read that a 16year old boy raped and murdered a small innocent 6 year old girl, people like this don’t deserve to just sit in prison where they still have access to so many things it is truly disgusting.  Animals however do no such things, they are purely innocent and shouldn’t experience the being tested on. Tax payers spend over £33,000 to keep an individual in prison for just one year! These criminals have taken away someones rights - so why should we pay for the privilege to keep them in prison? These products are made for people - so why shouldn't we test on serious offenders rather than the innocent animals?

Please sign this today so you can stand up for animals, helping to end animal testing and lean towards another alternative. 

If we win this petition - We shall send it to the government for the subject to be discussed.