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Ban Horse Slaughter in the U.S

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I want to work at Banning Horse Slaughter Houses in the United States of America and to let the Wild Mustangs of America be free. If Donald Trump slaughter as many horses as he plans too... horse will be on the near to extinction list! We must help ban together a pention that will not allow thousands even millions of beautiful horse to be used meat. We can provided an auction to give out rescue Mustangs for a cheap price to be bought trained and resold (not to the slaughter houses) if people are given a second chance... why can't horses be give chances? They have worked for us for decades in the past and even now, become our bestest friends, loved us for who we are. But if who we are, are killers and murders How could we see them for their true beauty and benefit to our world? Horse are scared into a tight chore where they watch other horses get shot right infront of them!! They can see their fate before it even happens. Horses have hearts... and they have emotions just like we do. We need to show they a little empathy for the things that they do for us! Help me to back this place a better world for our animals!!!

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