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Air Gear Season 2/ Reboot

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Air Gear is an amazing series that had a 25 episode anime + 1 Special Episode + 3 OVA episodes + a musical + a musical remix. Air gear already finished in the manga with 357 chapters + 1 epilogue chapter, however there did nothing with the anime.

The anime couldn't continue since it had low ratings for many different reasons:

  • At that time (2006) One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, etc. were really popular and everybody wanted to see those anime which cause other anime to be under performed
  • The animation wasn't really great compared to other anime. It was alright at the time but it could have been better
  • The anime didn't incorporate lots of materials from the manga into the anime due to time restraints and some of those materials were important. This is not including the fan service of course. Some of the viewers who read the manga first than watched the anime might have been pissed about that.

Right now in this era lots of animation studios could make this anime a lot better, it could also have high ratings since the big 3 isn't really the main focus anymore.

The only problem that the anime won't come back is because of business. It is a huge risk to take because if the anime won't be successful they will lose a lot of money for the amount that the paid to make it. Since right now the anime has low popularity it is hard for them to bring the anime back since it might cost them and they won't be able to make any profit.

The reason why shows such as Gintama, Berserk, Dragon Ball Super, D Gray Man, etc. are able to come back was because they had a lot of support for the manga.

Directed to the Fans/Supporters:

This is my plea to all of the supporters and fans out there for Air Gear I just started this petition but I can't do it alone. I need all the support I can get to be able to have a chance to get Air Gear back. Spread the petition on facebook, twitter, forums, etc. The amount of support we need to get Air Gear back has to be huge, bigger than 5000 people. We need to get at least 10000 signatures. It  will be hard and it might take a while but hopefully we get the end result that we want which is getting Air Gear back.

Directed to Madhouse:

In terms of business you might not think it is a good idea to bring the anime back because of the ratings and the losses you might get from making it. I posted two websites that give ratings and popularity for manga and anime. This website is myanimelist which a lot of people use.

Even though in the end it is up to you to decide but think of all the fans, help the fans by getting Air Gear back.




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