More Detectorists

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The very successful Detectorists series has been a very brilliantly written show that has a big following. 

But when you hear that the 3rd series could be the last, alot of us fans think that it's just too early for it to end yet! We have grown to each of the characters and feel that there could be alot more to come from the series. 

Especially after the 3rd series you could see that there could be alot more written for more series or at least another Christmas special or two.

Will Stanley follow his dad's footsteps being a 'hobbiest'..

How will it go with Becky and Andy in their new home?

Where will Andy's and Lance's adventure take them with there next permission?

The return of Sophie perhaps?

The blossoming love life with Lance and Toni?

And let's see more of Lance's daughter with her detector he bought for her.

After mentioning Tony Robinson and Time Team in the past maybe Andy will have luck to work at some archaeological dig and bumps into someone from Time Team, maybe they will give him advice...

There are tons more of ideas I'm sure fans would put in their comments.

Please sign if you want to show the powers that be that we would love to see more Detectorists in the future, weather it's more series or a hour long Christmas special. 

 It shouldn't be the end of the DMDC just yet!