Call for a boycott of BRAVECTO NEXGARD SIMPARICA ! Strengthen veterinary pharmacovigilance

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♦️“This is one testimony among many!

"His name was Rocky ... ..... and was 7 years old!
On July 1, 2019, taking a tablet of BRAVECTO anti-parasitic against ticks and fleas ..prescribed by prescription on June 12, 2019 by veterinarian. first symptoms a few days later ... acute gastritis then kidney problems, tremors ... Infused at several times, after blood tests, fed only by syringe the last days, .. his state of health deteriorates rapidly: paralysis then comatose state the last hours ... and he left this world on August 5, leaving his masters totally clueless and above all very angry ...!

♦️So this has to stop!

Latest report from the European Medicines Agency: October 2019: declaration of side effects / pharmacovigilance:

Bravecto 13,857 declarations -3,167 deaths,
Nexgard 29,123 declarations -1,217 deaths, Credelio 258 declarations - 67 deaths, Simparica 3,202 declarations - 397 deaths, Comfortis 6,508 declarations-1,952 deaths, In total: 52,948 declarations / including 6,800 deaths.
⚠️ The current pharmacovigilance system has its limits ...! ... The actual number of risky side effects is likely to be much higher ... some veterinarians do not submit their pharmacovigilance report.! ... and the number of owners who do not report the risky side effects appearing on their animal after using these antiparasitics is too high! ..
♦️The pharmacovigilance system must be strengthened because an underestimation of side effects distorts the benefit / risk ratio of these products and promotes their maintenance on the market .... so do not hesitate to make your declaration online in a few clicks / link below 

Europe :


We must react ... that's enough! .... Our goal is that BRAVECTO is withdrawn from the Market ... in the meantime it is still prescribed on ORDER by VETERINARIANS,
� Below: video for the attention of the President of the National Council of the Order of Veterinarians:

✅ Mr. President of the National Council of the Order of Veterinarians, ... ,,,,,, I have decided to contact you because you are the GUARANTOR of the QUALITY OF SERVICE PROVIDED by VETERINARIES. You pay priority to the CUSTOMER INTEREST and the GENERAL INTEREST over the individual interest of PROFESSIONALS! The antiparasirary Bravecto (manufactured by MSD / Merck Animal Health, is still for sale on the Market, and while waiting to obtain its withdrawal .... we wish that PREVENTIVE INSTRUCTIONS are quickly applied by all veterinarians concerning its PRESCRIPTION and also that of other PEST CONTROL PRODUCTS with RISKY side effects .... such as Nexgard, Simparica Credelio) and also Comfortis, ..... new on the Market!

✅ We want ALL VETERINARIANS to be vigilant regarding the prescription of these antiparasitics. That they inform their customers not only of the benefits of these products / but especially of their risky side effects and that they do so in personalized ways taking into account the specificities of the animal ....

✅ that they check whether there is COMPATIBILITY or CONTRAINDICATION, before any prescription ... in order to avoid the appearance of certain risky effects caused by the presence of FLURALANER in BRAVECTO / INSECTICIDE being a powerful PESTICIDE which can cause serious diseases and can endanger the life of our animals or leave them aftereffects ...

✅ and above all, for safety reasons, we want all veterinarians to suspend the prescription of Bravecto ... and other parasiticides at risk of the chemical class isoxazoline ...,!
. ,, Other petitions are online in FRANCE and also internationally ..., October 4, 2019, presentation to the EMA ... European Medicines Agency, in Amsterdam / of the international petition against Bravecto / but the answers given do not correspond to our expectations! ...... So our action continues! We must ensure additional pressure with LOBBIES, such as Pharmaceutical laboratories ... MSD, Merck ..... also with the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the European Veterinary Federation (FVE) and the National Council of the Order of Veterinarians! We will not let go!


Also, I invite you all to SIGN and share this PETITION as much as possible, and as a safety measure, BOYCOTTONS these antiparasitics with high risk side effects! ... 

✅ Let's all act together !  inform about the dangers of these antiparasitics as a preventive measure!
♦️Say "NO" to veterinarians who continue to prescribe these neurotoxic antiparasitics such as BRAVECTO NEXGARD SIMPARICA 

⚠️ But BOYCOTTEZ also these same risky products sold on certain websites

♦️ The sale of veterinary medicinal products subject to prescription is prohibited in France on the Internet, but companies outside France offer these unregulated services in their countries and more than 50% of drugs sold on the Internet are counterfeit ”! Same name, same packaging, but without active ingredient or worse, another active ingredient that does not have the right spectrum of action ...
✅ the health of our pets is precious We don't give up!
.Thank you for your support !