More recycling bins around Prince George, BC

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Let's be honest: Prince George does not have a good recycling culture. Paper, cardboard, cans, plastics, furniture that can find a new home are still ending up in our landfill, which is filling up faster than expected. There has to be a way that can prevent all those recyclable items from entering the landfill, right? Well, we have an idea. We would like to get the support from the citizens of Prince George to help propose to Mayor Lyn Hall and the City Councillors to put plastic, paper and organic waste recycling bins around town. Why? To prevent littering and to prevent recyclable items from going into the Foothills Landfill. When you are walking downtown and you have just finished your medium ice cap from Tim Hortons, you can throw it into the designated recycling bin, instead of the garbage. This will not only prevent recyclables from entering the landfill, but it will also educate people on what items goes in which bin and how to recycle properly!

We are calling on YOU to sign this petition to show Mayor Lyn Hall and the City Councillors that you want to see recycling bins around the city and help make  Prince George a greener place.

Thank you for your support!

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