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For my dog Annabella to be returned back home !

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My dog was stolen from me while I was in surgery her dog sitter Charles Fulton took her to the spca , he said she was a stray I have been in and out of surgery and trusted him to watch her but BC she knocked over his TV , he became enraged and took off her collar and tags and told the spca lying saying she was a stray ! I had no clue she was there BC Charles sent pics to my families cell phones that she was doing great !!!! He said as soon as I was feeling OK he would bring her home , he only lives 4 doors down from me , I recently found out the SPCA adopted my baby out , Todd hevner said there's nothing he can do Annabelle is my dog I provided proof but he said it was too late the other family is recusing to give our dog back Annabelle has a big family that misses her very much including 4 children with disabilities , and one handicapped little boy who's heart is broken ! Our whole family is a mess we want our dog back , I didn't ask to get sick or have to have surgery , I trusted a family friend with my dog and he became spiteful and lied and took her to an awful place !!!!  Please help bring Annabelle home for Christmas she needs to be with her real family we had her since she was a baby ! Todd is hiding something BC he told my husband a week later Charles came back to the SPCA begging frantically for our dog back , right there was a red flag that she was not a stray !!!, Todd should of called the other family immediately and got Annabella back to the shelter !!! However he didn't he his it under the rug and made 5 beautiful babies cry in his office !!! My kids are praying Santa brings home Annabelle please help my family !

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