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Promoting the plane spotting scene at Luxembourg airport

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The Luxembourgish plane spotter community hereby would like to request the Luxembourgish minister of transport (François Bausch) and the ,,Société de l’Aéroport de Luxembourg SA‘‘ (LuxAirport) to finally promote and support the plane spotting scene at Luxembourg airport.

During the last years the plane spotting scene at Findel encountered a lot of problems by just pursuing their hobby. Be it the everlasting problem with the LuxAirport security personnel or the decreasing amount of spotting places around the airport. Since 2016 and beginning of 2017, 4 spotting places are no longer accessible respectively very inconvenient to use. Photographing aircraft at Luxembourg airport has become very difficult and thus making the security at the field paying more attention to people trying to photograph on other spots.

Aviation brings people together as just any other passion in the world. For us it is not only about photographing aircraft and the job is done, for us it is a real passion which we already practice for years and even decades. Spending time with people who share the same passion, with whom you can exchange information and talk about the latest aviation news is just superb and thereby creates a huge community.

We stand for a peaceful cooperation between LuxAirport and us as it is also the case on other major european airports like Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam etc. Taking Brussels airport into focus, as they are just about to create a safe area for families and spotters. Furhtermore, Paris Charle de Gaulle airport solves the disagreements between security staff and spotters by providing an authorisation for each spotter which has to be requested at the responsible authorities.

We demand our responsible authorities to think about creating, and therefore also replacing the spotting places which are no longer accessible by providing us with new places to continue our hobby. We would already be pleased if we have a small area, either a platform or an elevated place where we may stand on. We also demand to solve the problem with the LuxAirport security personnel who always try to keep us away doing our hobby and keep on thinking that our hobby is illegal. Plane spotting is not dangerous in any way, nor forbidden by the luxembourgish law. Furthermore, the big community around the airport keeps the field clean and reports any abnormability to the security or police, which makes Luxembourg airport a much safer place.

Plane spotting is our hobby and not a crime, people of all ages share this passion and are interested in aviation and would not like to give this passion up due to missing spots around the field.

To keep up the good relation between airport security staff and us, we thought about signing  this petition to show the authorities that a big community has grown over the years and we would appreciate the chance given by you to keep on performing our hobby and sharing our passion.

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Link to Infrastructures for spotters in Brussels:

 Link to photography authorization system in Paris:

Tristan Sulzberger                                                                  

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