Luton mayor and councillors in breach of lockdown rules to resign

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While much of the country continues to follow the rules imposed by the government to ensure that new cases of COVID-19 reduce and dwindle. For the majority of towns in England numbers have fallen and have continued to fall.

in other areas this isn’t the case. Luton is one of these areas. The whole town is now at the risk of being forced into a local lockdown because of the irresponsible minority that aren’t following the rules and continue to spread the virus around the local area. 

Just days before Luton was classified as in area for intervention our own mayor Tahir Malik and two other councillors Waheed Akbar and Asif Masood met at a social gathering of around 12 people (double the current permissible amount) with no social distancing in place, with no precautions being taken and in blatant disregard or the rules we have all been told we must abide by.

This disregard for the rules from members of the council from people in positions of power who should be leading by example shows a complete lack of respect for the town and the people that live here and sets a precedent that leads other to do the same thing... this is the exact reason COVID levels are so high in our town.

This lack or respect is unacceptable for people in this sort of position and as such they should step down immediately from these roles and allow people to step in who can show the town and people that live here the respect they deserve