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Revoke the contract of an ablest LuLaRoe rep.

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This month, a LuLaRoe (LLR) sales rep did a Facebook Live sale where he was telling his audience about how to place an order and in the video, he mocked those with Down Syndrome by talking in a very exaggrated voice similar to that of a person with DS. The man is able-bodied, however, he pointed out in a very weak apology video that he has a family member with the disorder. He even had the family member in the video with him but continued to laugh and take the matter very ligthtly by laughing and using a very casual tone of voice.

Instead of LuLaRoe taking swift action and revoke the contract of this rep, they issued a statement via Facebook saying that they are saddened by the issue and the recent action by the National Down Syndrome Society which in the past LLR supported by selling an item named after their disabled granddaughter to cut ties with the company. They also said they will not revoke the gentleman's contract because his sales "Support his family."

What about the families of those with DS that buy and sell your product, LuLaRoe? What about your family, Mark Stidham & DeAnna Brady? How can you face your disabled granddaughter and love her unconditionally after not doing anything about one of your employees who shamed people like her?

This is not the first time LuLaRoe has done such deplorable things. Not too long ago, the company was blasted on social media for a rep who was very rude to a request for assitance from a member of the hearing impaired community! When you think about it, LuLaRoe, a company that has been known to encourage charitiable works by their reps and was founded by a husband and wife team that has a grandchild with Down Syndrome, is really putting profit over exercising diversity and equality. In this and the case of the rep who was rude towards a deaf person, they were top sellers and LulaRoe simply let them slide.

In an era when the United States can elect a billionaire who mocks disabled people, those who have special needs should feel confident in buying a product that is created and sold by people who are compassionate to their needs and will be on their side. If "corporations are people," then they need to start acting like decent people in our society.

We the undersigned will not tolerate this whatsoever. We want LuLaRoe to issue a very sincere apology PLUS revoke the contract of this sales rep AND any sales rep who behaves in such a fashion. LuLaRoe should be telling their customers that their reps believe that everyone should have equal rights and that everyone regardless of ability level, heath, race, creed, gender, or sexual orientation is a worthy citizen of this planet we live on. By doing so, LuLaRoe will prove that corporations can make profits and have a heart. Thank you.


The snippet of video where the LuLaRoe rep mocked the disabled:

The Rep's apology:

Statement from the National Down Syndrome Society:

LuLaRoe's statement:

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