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Produce stand alone Darth Vader film hunting down remaining Jedi between Ep. III - IV

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Whether you are a hardcore Star Wars fan or just a casual viewer, everyone can agree that Darth Vader is a badass. Most, if not all Star Wars films center around Vader and his impact to that Universe. The majority of his story has already been told, from the origins of Anakin as a young boy, and the trauma he lived as a young Padawan. His decision to subdue to the Dark Side to save someone he loved, becoming to most feared Sith in the universe even above the Emperor , to eventually finding himself back to the Light Side with the help of Luke and Co. The recent success of Rogue One: a Star Wars Story has proven there is still great interest in events between episode III and episode IV. There is great potential for a Darth Vader story that takes place during this time. Towards the end of Revenge of the Sith Vader is still struggling with his decision to turn to the dark side, but by A New Hope he is already firing in all Sith cylinders.There are a lot of unanswered questions left by episode III. What happened between episode III and IV that pushed him over the edge and accept his role next to the Emperor? did he ever truly subdue to the dark side? were Yoda and Obi-Wan truly the only Jedi remaining and if not how did the others survive?

The Film's Plot ideally should center around Vader traveling across the galaxy with his inquisitors in search of surviving Jedi that were not killed during Order 66. Possibly encountering Jedi he fought alongside during the Clone Wars causing him to struggle internally while having to complete his orders from the emperor. The story should end with Vader losing himself completely to the dark side, (ROGUE ONE SPOILER) maybe including some parts of Ep. IV as Rogue One did so beautifully...and how awesome were those few seconds we got to see Darth completely destroy the rebel fighters towards the end? (END SPOILER)

I know what you're thinking "But there are already books and games that cover this part of his story" well, whether you agree with it or not, these stories are no longer considered canon. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, Lucasfilms now has more room to work with that allows the film to better sync up with the rest of the story. Just think about all the great battles that could take place that feature Darth Vader in all his badassary.

I'm sure Lucasfilms already has their hands full with many other Star Wars projects, including episodes VIII and IX that we are all looking forward to.  but I really believe a Feature Film centered around this story would not only help tie the films together better than Revenge of the Sith did, but also be successful in the box office like Rogue One. Maybe even more.




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