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Create a "Star Wars Legends" TV Series based on the Expanded Universe

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The Star Wars Expanded Universe was a series of comic books, novels, etc. that spawned a strong fanbase and continues to be popular to this day. When Disney purchased Lucasfilm for approximately $4 Billion, the Expanded Universe was erased from canon and renamed "Legends". This made some Star Wars fans upset to know that some of their favorite stories and characters had been erased from the official canon. In fact, this made some take their anger to great beyonds and try to boycott Disney for their Star Wars-related projects such as the TV series Rebels and the mega smash-hit The Force Awakens.

I myself am a fan of all Star Wars material (minus the Holiday Special) and that includes the original trilogy, the prequels, the new trilogy, the anthology films, the TV series and of course the Expanded Universe. While I have no reason to hold a grudge towards Disney and understand why they had to erase the Expanded Universe from canon, I feel they should have allowed the chance to give closure to those who had been following those stories since day one.

Therefore, I propose that Disney and Lucasfilm take the most beloved stories and characters of the Expanded Universe and create a television series - perhaps in the style of 3-D CGI animation much like the other Star Wars TV series, The Clone Wars and Rebels - and call it Star Wars Legends.

I understand that some viewers may be confused with such a series because of the current canon and that's why I also propose that before each episode, put up a disclaimer letting audiences at home know that the series itself is not canon and that it does not follow the events of any new Star Wars projects to come from Disney, specifically the films.

Please consider creating and producing a Star Wars Expanded Universe TV series - potentially in the style of 3-D CGI animation - based on the most beloved storylines of the Expanded Universe including the Thrawn Trilogy, the Dark Empire Trilogy, Knights of the Old RepublicLegacy of the Force, Fate of the Jedi and even the cancelled Sword of the Jedi Trilogy which would have focused on Jaina Solo and her husband Jagged Fel. These are only six examples. The Expanded Universe contains much more.

Some of us enjoy what you, Disney, have brought to the table for Star Wars, but if you do this, I assure you, it will bring in big ratings and if done right, good reviews.

Thank you so, so much for taking the time to read this petition.


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