Stop poisoning and shooting dogs in DHA Islamabad

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DHA Islamabad has been killing large number of stray dogs either by shooting or by poisoning. This inflicts too much pain on the poor souls and is, illegal.

This is a call for action to ban killing of stray dogs in DHA Islamabad once and for all. One of the cruelest forms of killing used in Pakistan is poisoning. It makes the animal writhe in pain while they slowly lose their life. People have the misconception that the stray dog problem can be solved by poisoning as that's the cheapest way to get the dogs out. HOWEVER it has been proven that killing methods for dogs aren't the solution (in fact, TNR is the solution!), after years of trials and research around the world.

So please come together and show your support in banning dog killing. Activists and rescuers in Islamabad are trying to relocate these dogs to safe zones for the time being. But relocations and TNR require an adequate amount of time and planning for proper execution. Hence, they need our help to make a bigger impact on DHA authority, stopping their inhumane methods of dog killing and getting them to assist rescuers instead.

So let's join hands and show our support to these activists by signing this petition and spreading it around! We have successfully stopped barbaric dogs killing in a town in Lahore few days ago. We can do it again, but we need your help