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Please respect the existing Leancamp community by helping protect its name.

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UPDATE: Things are going from promising to positive, thanks to people in and around the LSSC.

Last week, I spoke with Jim Benson, who was proactive and friendly, and took the first steps to mend the relationship.  But, it turns out Jim's role is helping out the LSSC, and the decision was not his.  Given this, his name doesn't belong on the petition, so I've removed it.

Since, I've spoken twice with Keith Mitchell from DJAA, who is helping coordinate the LSSC conference. He's made a considerable effort, been amenable and open, and has explained the LSSC's concerns which put the LSSC's prior communication in a more favourable light. Keith seems genuinely interested in doing what he can to avoid disrupting Leancamp. 

The question before us is if there's a way to move forward that is both viable for us and doesn't encumber the LSSC unnecessarily. This seems really likely, and possibly as simple as agreeing on wording to disambiguate the events. All very positive! -Sal

Another organisation, the LSSC, has begun using the Leancamp name – without authorisation – to sell tickets to their event, which is out-of-line with our non-profit, sponsor-free[1], and pro-community ethos.

The brand confusion is doing active damage to our ability to provide a consistent experience and continue growing in this community-driven way.

The LSSC's David Anderson has refused an offered solution that is of no cost or disruption to them and have disregarded all our offers to discuss the impact of their actions on us. We hope that this is due to their misunderstanding the international, community role of Leancamp, as opposed to any sort of malicious, exploitative or commercial intentions. Our goal with this petition is to allow us to progress without interfering with one-another, and without escalation.

Your signature on this petition will shown to LSSC to demonstrate: 
1) That you are already aware of our use of Leancamp as a trading name for events, and as an international entrepreneurial community.
2) That LSSC are acting against the best interests of the Lean Startup and other involved communities – by infringing on the name of the existing Leancamp which has legitimate support from you and others.
3) That you would like them to respect the pre-existing Leancamp community, and work with Leancamp to protect the name by honouring the prior use of the name.

If you could please sign this petition, I hope we can move past this quickly and get back to building a great Leancamp community. In the meantime, if you have any other suggestions to help resolve the situation quickly and amicably, I’d love to discuss it.


Salim Virani
Co-founder, Leancamp

[1]: As you may know, the first-ever London Leancamp was sponsor-supported. Since then, we've worked hard to learn how to run Leancamp without sponsors as a sustainable non-profit! This makes Leancamp events much easier and faster to set up, enables more international participation, and focuses our time on the needs of participants and community. Effectively, we've built on the inclusive, free Barcamp principles - and evolved our model from free as in beer, to free as in speech. We can now cover our costs for each Leancamp by charging for tickets alone, which is why protecting the meaning of the Leancamp name is so crucial.

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